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Latest News

Wow!  Thank-you Tristan Horncastle and Matthew for putting on a great performance at NMES!
We appreciate you
Thank-you to the New Maryland Chapter of the Catholic Womens’ League for the Chapters gift card donation.
Our staff and students sincerely appreciate your generosity!

Fall Frolic was a great success in terms of attendance, enjoyment and fund raising!  Thank-you to everyone who contributed their labor, time and donations.  Commendations to Home and School President Erika Ward and Vice Principal Lori Jones Clark!  Click here for pictures.

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Cross country meets for this school year are complete.  Congratulations to our runners and thank-you to the staff and parents who make this event possible.  Well done!

Spark Brain Bikes at NMES.
The mini, silent, stationary, spin bikes are meant to foster healthy bodies and healthy minds, help reduce stress and facilitate inclusion.  We are currently piloting 4 at the school and receiving positive feedback.

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